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There are no laws in place governing the health tests that breeders carry out.  However, I would encourage you to purchase puppies from adults that have had all appropriate health testing i.e.  AHT Genetic Test for PLL, OFA Genetic Test for NCL, Yearly BVA(KC) Certified Eye Examinations, and  Certified Hip-Scoring under the BVA(KC) Scheme.   DNA profiles are also available to breeders through the KC.



All Siddhartha puppies are raised in the house from parents who have current eye-certificates, have been hip scored under the KC & BVA schemes, and have DNA Profiles.

Since October 2009, when PLL Genetic Testing became available, all parents are tested.

Since the DNA test became available in America all parents are also screened for NCL.

iddhartha puppies have always been sold with the breeding endorsement
 ‘Not to be bred from’. 
Please see the Puppy Contract for conditions required to have endorsement lifted.

Siddhartha puppies are wormed two weekly and are fully vaccinated and
health checked by the Veterinary before being placed at a minimum age of twelve weeks.

All Siddhartha puppies are micro-chipped for permanent identification, and of course I.K.C. registered .

This tiny chip contains a unique number, which can then be registered by any of several animal recovery databases identifying the owner. This number will remain with your dog for its entire life. It cannot be altered or changed. It will identify that particular dog much as our PPS number does us.

Your Siddhartha puppy will come with a certification of implantation, which will contain the number forever assigned to your dog.  The number will also appear on your IKC registration papers, and also your contract and your puppy's vaccination record.  This number, with you as owner, and myself as breeder will have been registered with the national recovery database Animark before your puppy leaves us. This will enable you to be contacted if your dog is ever lost and found, and I can also be contacted.

Nametags attached to collars though helpful in identifying dogs can often be lost or removed. This implanted chip cannot. It is chip about the size of a grain of rice, which is totally inert and is encased in biocompatible glass. It is inserted just under the skin between the shoulder blades using a syringe. A handheld scanner can then read its unique, encoded, unalterable number. Most shelters and many veterinarians have scanners available to read these implanted microchip numbers. It is the first step in identifying the dog’s owner. Animal recovery associations can then be contacted. Their database can supply the name and location of the registered owner.

All breeding stock at Siddhartha have DNA Profiles.

Siddhartha are proud to participate in the KC DNA Profiling Program. Through the KC’s efforts in continuing the tradition of providing rigorous standards of registry, we are able to benefit by adding certified authenticity to our breeding program.

As with so many other species, DNA has been discovered which can uniquely identify dogs. They can be identified not only by breed, but by the individual dog as well. Its parents equally contribute each form of a dog’s gene allele randomly. These combinations can be analyzed and with the DNA knowledge of one or more parents, proof of offspring can be determined.

DNA collection is non-invasive and painless for the dog. It does not require blood samples, but rather a collection is taken of cells using a cheek swab. The KC issues a certification with analysis of each dog’s unique DNA profile. This profile will become forever part of the dog’s permanent KC record. The profile number will appear in future KC registration certificates and hopefully some day soon the IKC registration certificates.

DNA testing is the way forward. As databases grow, and with increased knowledge of gene contribution, we will soon be able to identify potential disease and breed disorder carriers, or producers. Hopefully one day, in the not too distant future, we will see the elimination of genetic disorders which have plagued many breeds. We are very happy to be a part of this important step forward.


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